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After fixing our screen door as a surprise for my lady while she was away... one of our B&B guest walked into it and kicked the bottom out the first night. I fixed it the second night and someone else decided to kick the bottom out. Since getting the screen door magnets no one has walked into the screen doors! A very good investment! Easy to install and decorative! 


I am very happy with my new screen magnets. I love that they come in two so it is the same on each side. I purchased a screen saver several years ago and it was only one with a magnet for the other side of the screen. very happy with the product and the price


I was skeptical about the price, but have found this magnet well worth the cost. It is large and readily visible. It truly does click securely into place as advertised, but can easily be readjusted. I purchased more than one, so that my dogs are also aware when the screen slider is closed. It will pay for itself in repairs many times over.


Works well! Put it on the screen at the cabin and no kids or dogs have walked through it since :) make sure to twist until it locks, I almost missed that feature, holds it in place wonderfully through all of the screen door slams.


Useful and they look great! I have them on my screen door and my children no longer push on the screen. I gave them to my niece to cover a hole in her window screen--a lot less expensive than replacing the screen, and she loves how they look! The magnets are nice and strong--they click into place so they won't fall off. I've also given as grandparent gifts and teacher gifts--everyone loves their screen magnets!